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Ambler, PA 19002


Family owned for over 25 years.


Customer Reviews


Michael Kahana
240 Sycamore Avenue
Merion Station, PA 19066

Work Completed Date: April 01, 2012

Approximate Cost: $4,300.00

Description of Work:  Installed recessed lighting and scones throughout our first floor (three rooms) and installed surface mounted fixtures in living room, hallway, kitchen and dining room.   Improved switching throughout first floor and did significant rewiring.  repaired our electrical panel.  Costs include labor + all materials (e.g., switches, wiring, junction boxes) except lighting fixtures and bulbs which we provided.

Comments:  John works together with his son, and they are both fantastic.... its a real pleasure to have them in our house.  Completely trustworthy, great around the kids, immaculate cleanup after their work, fair pricing, and honest professional advice.  Previous to this job they have done all of the lighting in our kitchen when we remodeled and significant other electrical work throughout our home.  I completely trust these guys.  


John Waxler
615 South Bethlehem Pike
Ambler, PA 19002

Work Completed Date: April 04, 2012

Approximate Cost:  $1,500.00

Description of Work:  Hung a chandelier, added 4 outlets (living room and dinning room), and installed recessed lighting in kitchen.  The job took one full day.

Comments:  I received a quote from John.  The quote was for $1500.00.  John was on time for the quote.  We ended up scheduling him for the work.
John and his son were on time for performing the work, finished on schedule, and met the quoted price.
John's work looked very professional and my wife and i were both happy with the job.



Trudy Schenkler
2362, Fairway Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Work Completed Date:  April 12, 2012

Approximate Cost:  $700.00

Description of Work:  John and his son went through a list of home inspection items that I needed to have fixed prior to sale of my home; covered electric boxes, secured wires in crawl space, vented exhaust to outsides added GFI, and removed insulation from top of recessed fixtures in attic.

Comments:  I have known John for 25 years.  He has done all the electric work since I moved into this house in 86.  Totally trustworthy, professional, and exceptional.  I gave him the key to my house and left.





Laurance Rosenzweig
220 Pelham Road
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Approximate Cost:  $2,500.00

Description Of Work:  Mr. Green replaced several bare bulbs in our basement with fluorescent fixtures, added wall switches and baseboard outlets in order to finish our basement, and ran stereo wires from our living room through the basement ceiling to the kitchen.

Comments:  Mr. Green is a man of few words, but his work is impeccable and of high quality. He does his work efficiently and thoroughly, whether it's rewiring my entire basement or repairing a faulty light fixture.

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